A New Bed Buying? We Expose Four Misconceptions About Mattresses.

AdrianaTischner 20 Jul , 2021 0 Comments products

A new mattress may be a minefield to purchase. Prices and discounts vary significantly, and many manufacturers provide a fantastic array of features that all give excellent sleep for the night.

But what claims are genuine, and what claims are false? Does a costly bed always ensure more excellent sleep? Do other springs have more comfort?

To discover the answers, our specialists tested and reviewed several dozen colours, including, SleepMaker, and many more, each year from prominent manufacturers (see our mattress evaluations and click here to read more: https://savvysleeper.org/best-mattress-for-combination-sleepers/)

We asked them to sift the truth about the main mattress misconceptions you hear when purchasing fiction. We hope that now you may rest easier.

Cost = comfort Myth 1.

We have some fantastic news – you don’t have to spend a bunch to sleep well. Often our test testers uncover cheaper mattresses that cost hundreds of dollars or less for comfort. To break this pricey fallacy, our laboratory experiments evaluate ease in several ways. First, specialists carry out body support tests in the back- and side-sleep positions for both men and women with lasers.

Myth 2. Announced stiffness = true firmness

You’d think it’d be relatively straightforward. A bed sold as ‘firm’ ought to be… firm, okay? Except that our testing reveals that this is not the case. Instead, we have found ‘firm’ mattresses, which are ‘soft’ and ‘medium’ mattresses that rank ‘hard’ – it’s a mismatch there!

That’s why we’re doing our firmness laboratory testing to let you know what you’re going to do at night. Find out which mattresses meet your firmness requirements in our mattress review.

Myth 3. More fountains = better sleep at night

Between spring count and comfort, there is no link. It’s so straightforward. One of our high-performance mattresses was around half as many fountains a square metre as a hybrid mattress, and yet our testing has made it a lot better. And many springless mattresses are also good.

You may dismiss the claims of salespeople that a mattress with more springs would be more comfortable – our results demonstrate that this is certainly not the case.

Myth 4: ‘Cool’ colours Indicate more relaxed sleeping night:

Many mattress makers speak about their particular ‘cooling technology,’ which is intended to help keep you cool during the night. But just one person felt cool in touch with all the beds and temps we tested. The remainder were warm or moderately warm.

Suppose you have a sweater or a hotter environment. In that case, you will probably find yourself looking for a mattress with a higher sweat repellent in our test. People are usually beautiful, filthy animals: we shed sweat, body fluids, dead skin cells and other delicious stuff while we sleep. The more porous a mattress, the less this muck remains, implying that the mattress is less damaged.

Spring matelots tend to come forward in this region since they have lots of room to let the gloop go, unlike foam mallets that are gigantic sponges.

Written By AdrianaTischner